Don’t Give Up on Animal Agriculture

  1. Switch to certified sustainable meat and dairy. Very few labels guarantee this (we certify most of them at A Greener World), and most claims are just dressing up the same old industrial products. Learn your labels here.
  2. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Excessive production and consumption of consumer goods (which often end up in the landfill) have a significant, and many argue unnecessary, impact on global greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Switch to renewable energy. Not everyone has this option. For other similarly ranked emissions cuts see #4, #5 and #6. It’s also worth noting that most people can cut energy consumption (#9).
  4. Get more miles per gallon–or eliminate gallons per mile. The ultimate would be to live car-free; and while we know that’s a high goal you can also significantly improve your fuel efficiency with a motorcycle or hybrid vehicle.
  5. Stop flying. Or fly less and offset your emissions with a reputable organization (read more here about the mixed bag of offsetting emissions).
  6. Have one fewer child, cat or dog. We recognize this is a a really tough topic and not anyone else’s business, but data shows having one fewer child has the single highest impact on emissions, and pets consumer significant energy and resources.
  7. Vote and advocate for climate policies with demonstrated positive effects on emissions. The impact of this is incalculable.
  8. Don’t buy into fake meat. It’s big, it’s processed, it’s expensive and it’s unproven–and it’s making a lot of shareholders very rich at the expense of real solutions. Instead, when you eat animal products, if you can, eat nutritionally appropriate amounts of high-welfare, grassfed meat and dairy from AGW-certified farms practicing climate-friendly agriculture (we don’t really need grilled chicken on everything, do we?).
  9. Reduce your energy consumption: ditch your dryer, use energy-efficient light bulbs and reuse/recycle. These add up to modest emissions reductions and they’re relatively easy to do. Also, while many people are already living small by necessity, for those with large underutilized houses and an interest in reducing emissions, consider downsizing. Less space to heat and cool, fewer rooms to buy stuff for (see #1) and less to clean!
  10. Share solid information about food and farming with your friends and family. Get started here:



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